July 13, 2011

New Magic Kaito Anime Special

This week’s issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday (issue #33) is announcing a new anime special for Detective Conan. The anime special, entitled Detective Conan Special—Kaitou Kid Summer Festival: Kaitou Kid’s Busy Date, will air on August 6, 2011. The contents of the special are from Magic Kaito, another series by Detective Conan’s author Aoyama Gosho. Here is a brief summary of the anime special:
“Kaitou Kid, or Kuroba Kaito, sends out a warning card that he will steal The Angel’s Crown from the Treasures of the Medieval Period Exhibition. However, on the same day that he stated on the card, his classmate Nakamori Aoko makes him go out on a date with her. Aoko suspects that Kaito and Kid are the same person, and wants to confirm her suspicions.”
Kuroba Kaito and Nakamori Aoko

In addition, a second episode entitled The Royal Princess Likes Magic will air on August 13, 2011.
This is the second anime special of Magic Kaito, and spans two episodes this time. The first anime special, entitled The Secret behind the Birth of Kaitou Kid, aired in April 2010.

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Sources: websunday.net, Weekly Shonen Sunday Issue #33, dcfc | Detective Conan Fan Club


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