October 16, 2013

Detective Conan Files 873, 874, 875, and 876 by DCTP

Hey, guys!

You guys may notice that this hasn't been updated for a while. Well, work has got into the way so bad that I wasn't able to update this and our Tumblr sites. Although there's still someone's posting on our Facebook page, that person doesn't have access to this and Tumblr. As of now, there isn't much work to do, so I figured this should be a good time to post updates again here and on Tumblr.

Well, here it goes...

Files 873 to 876 has just been released by DCTP.

Online Reader links:

File 873 - http://bit.ly/1965Vb0
File 874 - http://bit.ly/1aLCiLq
File 875 - http://bit.ly/1fBEjQd
File 876 - http://bit.ly/18kvsOd

Direct Download links:

File 873 - http://bit.ly/172tvrU
File 874 - http://bit.ly/172tvYP
File 875 - http://bit.ly/1bxcUKs
File 876 - http://bit.ly/1bVAAwf

And if I may add, come hang out at our super-quiet IRC channel at #dcnews@irc.rizon.net.

Enjoy! ^^