July 13, 2011

Conan with Live-Action Ran on SS Cover

Conan is on the cover of issue #32 of Weekly Shonen Sunday. This is the second time Detective Conan is on the cover of the weekly manga magazine this year, the first being issue #20 that was on sale in April. In line with the first Detective Conan live-action drama that premiered on July 7, Kutsuna Shiori who plays Mouri Ran in the drama is on the cover together with Edogawa Conan, the protagonist of Detective Conan.

Kutsuna Shiori: Lalala♪ I’m with Conan-kun♡
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Source: Weekly Shonen Sunday Issue #32, dcfc | Detective Conan Fan Club

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  1. Has conan goes back to his original size in the end of the story?