July 25, 2010

New Shinichi & Ran Statues In Aoyama’s Hometown

Two new bronze statues of Shinichi and Ran have been created in Gosho Aoyama’s hometown.

Born in Hokuei town in Japan’s Tottori prefecture, Gosho Aoyama (47) has made a name for himself as a manga artist, with his most notable work being the Detective Conan series. On 20th July 2010, two new bronze statues of main characters Shinichi & Ran, a reproduction of a scene from the start of Detective Conan, were officially unveiled in the open space near the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory, a museum in Aoyama’s hometown that celebrates his success.

The statue of Shinichi has a height of 130cm while the statue of Ran has a height of 120cm. Both statues cost a total of 6 million yen, or about 60,000 USD, to produce. The statues were based on a scene from volume 01 of the Detective Conan manga, where Shinichi talks about his dream of becoming a detective to Ran. The maker of the statues therefore hopes that this can become a place where young fans of the series gather and talk about their own dreams and ambitions.

Source: dcfc | Detective Conan Fan Club.com

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