July 14, 2010

Aoyama Gosho Draws Conan In France

Where did Gosho Aoyama, the author of Detective Conan, go to during his recent two-week break?
Yes, you guessed it, he went to France. On 6th July 2010, Gosho Aoyama went to support Japanese road bicycle racer Arashiro Yukiya in the 3rd stage of Tour de France, which spans 213 kilometers from Wanze (Belgium) to Arenberg (France). While the race was expectably a tedious one, Aoyama’s visit definitely seemed to have brightened up Arashiro’s day.

Arashiro and Aoyama

The next day, on 7th July, Aoyama attended a Detective Conan fan-meeting event named “Dedicace Gosho Aoyama”. The following video is a live recording of Aoyama drawing a portrait of Conan, and its title translates to “Dedication by Gosho Aoyama – Kana (Hall of Fnac – July 2010)”. (Kana is a French manga publisher and Hall of Fnac is the place where the event was held.)

While the chapter published right after his break, File 741, does not seem to contain any content related to his recent trip to France, we might just see some French-related content soon!

Source: dcfc | Detective Conan Fan Club.com

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