January 18, 2011

World Hobby Fair 2011 Winter

The 2011 Winter World Hobby Fair (WHF) took place over the past weekend on January 16, 2011 in Osaka, Japan.
The WHF is a bi-annual event held in Japan and features the latest in manga, anime and games. It is co-organized by Shogakukan, the publisher of Weekly Shonen Sunday (the weekly magazine on which Detective Conan is serialized), and is open to the public for free. Here are some pictures from the event:

As usual, a huge Conan figurine can be seen at the event.

A clear file printed with the Detective Conan movie 15 poster was given out for free to all visitors.

Detective Conan goods sold at Japanese clothing company COSPA’s booth:
Mugs printed with Detective Conan designs

Straps printed with Detective Conan designs; Back of straps: “There is always only one truth!”

T-shirt printed with “Baaroo”, or “Idiot”, which is Conan/Shinichi’s pet phrase

“The appearance of a child! The intellect of an adult!”

T-shirt printed with “Black Organization”; Flip side: Mysterious black man

When the shirt printed with the words “Black Organization” is lifted, the wearer becomes
the mysterious black man (the unidentified culprit) from Detective Conan.

If you’re in Japan and missed the Osaka event, the WHF 2011 Winter will be held at 3 other locations:

  • January 22-23 (Sat, Sun): Tokyo
  • January 30 (Sun): Nagoya
  • February 6 (Sun): Fukuoka


  1. Could I translate this news into Vietnamese and post it on conankun.yourme.net? I promise to post the source link, of course. :)

  2. Appreciated your comment, and yes, you are welcome :)
    And if you please, put the links of our sources, too :D
    Thank you,
    Detective Conan News Administrator

  3. aaaaahhh i wanna go badly TT TT but i'm not from japan huhu TT TT wanna go there at tleast a day before my b-day, even just in fukuoka TT TT oh well

  4. LOL we do, too, but we're not from Japan either. We hope you'll have a blast and receive Detective Conan stuff on your birthday, though! ^^