October 28, 2012

UPDATE: Movie 16 from DCTP

Here's an update regarding Movie 16 that was supposed to be released by DCTP this month:

UPDATE! [October 28th, 2012]

As a result of unexpected production delays and the looming threat of ominous weather due to affect a portion of our staff members, we must unfortunately inform everyone that our expected release window of October is no longer a possibility. We understand that a great many of you are looking forward to this release and we sincerely extend our deepest apologies for any disappointment caused by this delay. All we can assure at this point is that we will do our absolute best to bring this movie to you in the quality that you expect from us and will do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,
    -The DCTP Anime Team

Source: http://forums.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=8862.msg730521#msg730521

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