June 1, 2011

Detective Conan Live-Action Drama’s Theme Song by yu-yu

The theme song of Detective Conan’s upcoming live-action drama will be sung by yu-yu.
The title of the song is Kimi to Zutto… or With You Forever…, and the song is included in Japanese singer yu-yu’s single of the same name. The single will be released on August 24, 2011.

While yu-yu has previously released an album entitled Always, this will be her first single. The single bundles a CD and a DVD.

Mizobata Junpei plays Kudou Shinichi in the live-action Detective Conan drama
CD tracks:
  • Kimi to Zutto…
  • Sora no Gosenfu

The DVD includes:
  • Music video of Kimi to Zutto…
  • Special conversation between yu-yu and Mizobata Junpei

The first edition includes:
  • Special CD cover with Mizobata Junpei
  • Aoyama Gosho’s drawing of Shinichi on the paper strip around the CD

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  1. do you know any link to download the opening theme song? i can't find that version anywhere.