March 13, 2011

Aoyama Gosho Says “No Problem”

As many of us have probably heard from the news, a huge earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami struck Japan on Friday, March 11. Many anime airing schedules have been disrupted, including this week’s Detective Conan episode (#609), which was scheduled to air on March 12.

Fortunately, the safety of Detective Conan’s author, Aoyama Gosho, has been confirmed. Aoyama has left a message through Edogawa Conan’s official Twitter account:
A message from Aoyama-sensei! “It shook pretty badly at my studio, but no problem! I managed to get my manuscript done on time. (lol) P.S. The new character’s name is Sera! He’ll be a pretty important character, so be sure to look out for him ♪”
青山先生からの伝言だよ! 「結構仕事場揺れたけど、ノープロブレム! ちゃんと締め切り前に原稿上げたよ(笑) P.S.新キャラの名前は、『世良』! かなり重要なキャラなので、みんなよろしくねん♪」
Here’s a picture from a news article published on March 11, about Aoyama visiting the scene of the third live-action adaptation of the series, which is set to be aired on April 15.

From all of us here at dcfc: Our hearts go out to those in Japan, and we sincerely hope that everyone in Japan can get through this crisis safely and stand up even stronger.

Source: Edogawa Conan’s Twitter, NTV News, dcfc | Detective Conan Fan Club


  1. hi, aoyama gosho-san
    i'm very happy you're save,
    i have an idea, may you make an online game or a computergane that is easy to download, i love detective conan somuch, and i love games:D
    thats my oppinion, thank you:D

  2. Whats his twitter? Really need it thanks