February 12, 2011

Detective Conan 2011 Live-Action Special Stars New Cast (dcfc)

To celebrate the Detective Conan anime and movies’ 15th anniversary, many special events have been lined up for the year 2011 as part of Detective Conan’s 15th Anniversary Special Project.

First, as dcfc has previously reported, a new live-action TV special is set to be broadcast this spring, according to this week’s Weekly Shonen Sunday (Volume 11). Nearly five years after the last live-action TV special was aired, this third live-action adaptation of the Detective Conan series will have a new cast, starring 22-year-old Mizobata Junpei as Kudou Shinichi and 19-year-old Kutsuna Shiori as Mouri Ran. The story is set in a secluded village that is ruled by the legend of a mysterious bird, and is set to have taken place 100 days before Shinichi turned into Conan.

» Official website of the 3rd Detective Conan live-action special

Other events include the third Conan quiz which will start on Mar 5, a chance for fans to vote for their favorite Detective Conan episodes (only for those living in Japan), the opening up of the 15th movie’s post-recording scene to a selected number of fans, and the release of a new version of Gosho Aoyama’s Collection of Short Stories that includes the Detective Conan author’s 2007 one-shot Tell Me A Lie.

Finally, the guest for this year’s Detective Conan movie is war photographer and TV personality Watanabe Youichi. In his interview with Weekly Shonen Sunday, he says that he feels honored to be able to participate in the 15th Detective Conan movie and will do his best in his first voice acting role. His role in the movie is yet to be announced.

Source: dcfc - Detective Conan Fan Club, Weekly Shonen Sunday Volume 11

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