December 23, 2010

Aoyama’s Acting Debut in “Aibou”; Conan’s 2011 New Year Greetings

Detective Conan’s author, Aoyama Gosho, is making his acting debut!

As many fans probably know, Aoyama Gosho frequently visits different places to gather ideas and background information for his manga series Detective Conan. This time, it appears that while gathering information on the set of TV Asahi’s popular drama “Aibou”, Aoyama spoke to the staff and eventually decided to make his acting debut. He plays a forensic identification specialist in the New Year’s Day special episode of the series, which will air at 9:00pm on Jan 1, 2011.

Aibou: Season 9
Interestingly, Aoyama Gosho and Mizutani Yutaka, who plays the protagonist
Sugishita Ukyou in “Aibou”, are both fans of each other’s works. Mizutani states that he has the full seventy-volume collection of the Detective Conan manga, while Aoyama drew the character Sugishita Ukyou in Volume 48 of the manga:
Sugishita Ukyou
On the other hand, Web Sunday has added a new Detective Conan wallpaper to its website. The wallpaper uses Aoyama’s illustration for his 2011 new year greeting note. As 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit according to the Japanese zodiac, Aoyama drew our favorite Detective Conan protagonist in an adorable bunny suit:

Here is Aoyama’s greeting note:
For the year of 2011, the rabbit has seen through it all!
(Seen through what? (lol))
Aoyama Gosho (Year of the Rabbit (lol))

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Source: dcfc | Detective Conan Fan

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