September 10, 2010

Detective Conan ED #36 “Tomorrow is the last Time”

The 36th ending theme song of the Detective Conan anime will be Kuraki Mai’s new song “Tomorrow is the last Time”, which will be used from 18th September 2010.

The song is included in Kuraki Mai’s upcoming 9th album, “FUTURE KISS”, which will be released on 20th October 2010.

Update The release date of this album has been pushed back to 17th November 2010.
Limited Edition

Normal Edition
Tracks list:
  2. wana
  3. Revive (Detective Conan’s 25th opening theme song)
  4. Watashi no, shiranai, watashi. ~precious ver.~
  5. SUMMER TIME GONE (Detective Conan’s 29th opening theme song)
  6. I scream!
  7. Drive me crazy
  8. I can do it now
  9. Beautiful~comfortable ver.~
  10. I promise
  11. sound of rain
  12. Tomorrow is the last Time (Detective Conan’s 36th ending theme song)
  13. anywhere

Update: Please click here for the lyrics & video of the 36th ending theme song.

sources: ytv, Kuraki Mai’s official website

Source: dcfc | Detective Conan Fan

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