January 18, 2011

World Hobby Fair 2011 Winter

The 2011 Winter World Hobby Fair (WHF) took place over the past weekend on January 16, 2011 in Osaka, Japan.
The WHF is a bi-annual event held in Japan and features the latest in manga, anime and games. It is co-organized by Shogakukan, the publisher of Weekly Shonen Sunday (the weekly magazine on which Detective Conan is serialized), and is open to the public for free. Here are some pictures from the event:

As usual, a huge Conan figurine can be seen at the event.

January 13, 2011

Detective Conan T-Shirts

2 more shirts with Gosho Aoyama manga/anime's famous lines on sale this month

At the end of the month, the cosplay outfit store chain Cospa will begin selling three new Detective Conan (Case Closed) T-shirts, including a Black Organization (Kuro-Zukume no Soshiki) one that doubles as a face mask of the manga's antagonists. The Black Organization T-shirt simply has the name of the international criminal organization from Gosho Aoyama's manga and anime printed in Japanese on the front. However, if the wearer pulls the shirt over his or her head, the inside of the shirt reveals the silhouette of one of the manga's mysterious foes as a disguise.

January 8, 2011

Detective Conan OP #30 & ED #37 Music Videos

The promotional music videos for the Detective Conan anime’s 30th opening and 37th ending theme songs have just been released by Japanese record company Being on its official YouTube channel. Both songs will be used from today’s episode, #602 The Devil Lurking In The Tennis Court.

OP 30 “Tear drops” – Caos Caos Caos

Detective Conan OP #30, ED #37 Videos & Lyrics

A first look at the new opening and ending song videos of 2011!

OP #30 “Tear drops” »Click for lyrics and full preview

January 3, 2011

Aoyama’s Appearance In Aibou

dcfc previously reported that Detective Conan’s author, Aoyama Gosho, will play a forensic specialist in popular Japanese drama Aibou’s New Year’s Day special episode. Here are screenshots of the episode (click to view larger images):

January 2, 2011

[Insider!] Happy 2011; New Affiliate

Hey, you guys! First of all, we would like to greet you a very happy new year!

We, at Detective Conan News, are so grateful and definitely elated that since our first Facebook page wall post, more and more people are taking note of how motivated we are in bringing the latest news about Detective Conan! 2010 had been a blast and we welcome 2011 with a bang! This year, we still hope to bring you the most recent and awesomest updates, and more! Stay tuned!

On another note, we have, once again, added an affiliate: Detective Conan World! Their site boasts of different sections: Watch, Chat, Shop, Forum, Wiki, and Studio. Together, we would deliver you your daily Conan fix! Check out their site for more details.